Thomas R. Marks
Thomas R. Marks


From implementing thought leadership positions into your organization and understanding the Disciplines of Market Leadership, to Critical Insight Selling and how to tell stories to support your messaging, Tom Marks is America’s go-to sales and marketing strategist for differentiating any company from its competitors. Tom’s speeches and workshops add tremendous value to any enterprise. The exciting difference with Tom is his unique style of honesty balanced with a keen eye on how to drive revenue.  Results matter and Tom is a leader that understands the importance of making a business impact, ultimately driving a quantifiable ROI with his sales and marketing strategies.

Adam Eberle
Rakuten OverDrive

I think there are two types of speakers; those who are entertaining and motivational and then those who are smart and insightful. Tom Marks is a unique blend of each. With more than 40 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Tom is a thought leader’s thought leader. Every CEO in America should listen to what Tom Marks has to say.

Lois Weiland
International Television Association

Tom’s insights from his more than 40 year career are a valuable resource to any company, organization or non-profit. I’m particularly impressed how Tom looks to the past, in fact 2,500 years in the past, to show us how the great philosophers of Greece paved the way for corporate ethics as they should be today. If you ever have the chance to book Tom Marks as a speaker, do it today.

Dr. Eric Giordano
Wisconsin Institute of Public Policy & Service

If you ever have a chance to see Tom Marks speak, I strongly encourage you to run, not walk to the event. Tom is one of America’s top sales and marketing thought leaders and brings four decades of experience to any organization. And, if you’re a meeting planner, make certain you schedule Tom for not just his dynamic keynote, but also for his workshops that will give any company a better understanding of the Disciplines of Market Leadership. Tom is the person where thought leaders go for their thought leadership.

Jon Gadbois
Boston, Inc.

If you’re ever looking for a speaker where learning is the priority, where leaving the room with more insights than you ever imagined, and where history comes alive before your eyes then Tom Marks is the speaker to choose. The fact that he’s been able to teach us sales and marketing lessons based on the great philosophers from 2,500 years ago is nothing short of remarkable.

Sondra Llanos
Nicolet College

I’ve been attending conferences and speeches for 45 years and I can tell you that Tom Marks delivers the one speech you want to listen to. His insights are keen, his strategies are unique, and the context by which he discusses sales, marketing and corporate ethics has never been addressed by anyone other than Tom. It is genuinely an original keynote that you’ve never heard before.

Christine Bremer
American Board of Trial Advocates

Tom Marks is a true sales and marketing original and innovator. His speeches and workshops are intentionally designed to develop skills that are rarely taught today. From his Critical Insight Selling and Disciplines of Market Leadership to Tom’s take on corporate ethics and thought leadership, you’ll want to see and visit with Tom every chance you get.

Sharon Pertzborn-Jensen
American Advertising Federation

Tom’s workshops and speeches are art, science and history and not to be missed under any circumstances. When it comes to sales, marketing and the disciplines of market leadership, you’ll want to bring Tom on board at your earliest convenience. And unlike many speakers whose purpose is to entertain, Tom’s purpose is to educate.

Tom Riordan
Maple Ridge Farms

With more than four decades of experience, Tom Marks now shares his sales and marketing insights with the world and it’s time to take notice. Tom is innovative, a thought leader, and a resource for insights that is beyond compare to others.

Rob Peters
CUNA Mutual

If you want to book or see a speaker who is truly educational, isn’t just fluff and performance art, you’ll want Tom Marks and his four decades of sales and marketing experience. Tom is a leading thinker and his presentations are highly educational with learning and guidance the most important parts of his speeches and workshops. Come to his keynotes to learn and leave with dozens of insights.

Sarah Jablonski
Gray Television, Inc.

Tom Marks is a nationally recognized thought leader in sales and marketing and is acclaimed for his speeches and workshops Of Socrates, Plato & Aristotle: How Thought Leadership Drives Stronger Sales, Marketing & Ethics. In addition to his critical insights, Tom easily guides companies through the process of implementing thought leadership positions within their organizations.

Scott Kelley

Tom Marks is a thought leader who speaks eloquently about thought leadership. He’s a not-to-be-missed speaker and thought leader consultant who brings tremendous value to any organization. Tom’s insights and philosophies about the great Greek philosophers are the most unique perspectives you’ll ever hear in a keynote.

Dempsey Colasacco
Quincy Media, Inc.

I’m always amazed how people can say they were pleased to learn one new thing from someone’s keynote speech. Spend five minutes with Tom Marks and you’ll learn five new things. Every company can take advantage of Tom’s insights and gain much needed clarity and understanding about sales and marketing in the future.

Meghan Decker
Mega Rentals

Although Tom’s speeches on sales and thought leadership are not to be missed, I highly recommend his daylong workshops that cover the Disciplines of Market Leadership, corporate ethics and Critical Insight Selling. After four decades in this business, we could all use Tom’s valuable insights.

Andrea Barber

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  • Rakuten Overdrive
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Sungard K-12
  • American Family
  • McDonalds
  • Foot Locker
  • WEA Trust
  • PowerSchool
  • Mango Board
  • First Business Bank
  • Lion
  • California Avocado Commission
  • Finish Line
  • Avante Properties
  • M3 Insurance
  • Honeywell
  • CUNA Mutual Group